yourself: Spiritual journey will begin in knowing yourself

A lady, extremely hurt by someone’s words, approached me, ‘I’m immensely pained and disturbed by that event.’ I told her, ‘I see that you are sad and upset but, in this, you have missed one point. Whatever that person may have said, those words came from outside, and the pain you felt was from within you. Do not mix up the two events. If you leave them separate, you will not experience sorrow or disturbance.’

Some say that they remain quiet in such events; the matter worsens only when you speak. But be aware that not speaking alone is not silence. By remaining silent, you are merely not expressing your uneasiness; within, you keep creating negative energy.

You keep your reaction suppressed for some time but, within, you keep accumulating negative disposition, which keeps becoming stronger. Then, one fine day, in a flash of unawareness, it bursts forth. Its jolt will force you to speak or behave in a way where you will have no control. The saints say that you are silent and peaceful only if the other person’s words or conduct do not create any reaction within. Love alone continues to flow.

Your inner journey cannot start by thinking that others are at fault. You should not be concerned whether the other person is wrong. Your good lies in knowing how you are. Only when your attention is focused within, your spiritual journey will begin. Seeing others’ faults indicates your inner unawareness. Shifting your focus from others to your behaviour shows slow awareness. Real awareness is when your focus shifts to your intentions.