November 27, 2021

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What Are The Types Of Hyaluronic Acid Serum And Its Benefits For Skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a group of sugar molecules that are also referred to as polysaccharides....

Hyaluronic acid is a group of sugar molecules that are also referred to as polysaccharides. Plenty of scientific and research-oriented studies have revealed this. These molecules work in such a way that they lubricate and cushion your skin. They are also found normally in the connective tissues of your body. The thing with such acid is that with time its storage gets depleted. This is where a hyaluronic acid serum could be what the doctor ordered for you.

Some more information on hyaluronic acid

As per research, one of the biggest reasons for such depletion is age. However, scientific studies have also proven that this can happen because of environmental factors too. This includes the likes of air pollution and smoking. In fact, these factors can hasten such depletion. You need products like a hyaluronic acid serum to combat the same. The good thing these days is that you get various topical products that contain the acid, and they can help you rebuild the reserves.

What does hyaluronic acid do to your skin?

Pure hyaluronic acid is a great anti-ageing product that helps you fight wrinkles most effectively too. It boosts the hydration levels of your skin and makes the fine lines smoother. It does the same with wrinkles too. This is how these products provide your skin with the youthful appearance that everyone cherishes. This is the reason hyaluronic acid serum is so popular as a product. When you apply the acid topically, it replenishes what your body produces naturally. It improves the texture of your skin, reduces scars, and helps your skin recover faster from various damages.

The hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid

The most important benefit of hyaluronic acid is its hydration. In fact, its capability to keep moisture is simply unbelievable. You should know that when the surface of your skin does not have enough water, it appears dry, flaky, and rough. So, know how important moisture is for your skin. However, there is more to this than mere aesthetics as per health experts. This is where hyaluronic acid serum can play such a major role. Dry skin is in fact dangerous for your health because it is susceptible to various forms of damages from environmental and external sources.

Can we use an anti-ageing serum and hyaluronic acid serum together?

Yeah, with a hyaluronic acid serum, you can still use an anti-aging serum. This would allow you to get the full anti-aging advantages you could have hoped for.

What are the different types of hyaluronic acid?

The three kinds of hyaluronic acid are hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, and sodium acetylated hyaluronate. The hydrolysed variety is one where the acid is broken down into elements that are tiny enough to get through your skin. It moisturizes your skin, but then it is not the best option that you have in this context. Therefore, it is the best option for people who have combination or oily skin as their skin types make it necessary for them to avoid excessive moisturization.

Sodium hyaluronate hyaluronic acid

Sodium hyaluronate usually penetrates greater depths of your skin. This is perhaps why it offers far better results too. However, the effects of such hyaluronic acid do not last that long though. Experts say that this is the best option for people with normal skin. This is because it lets the moisture penetrate your skin. These are people who do not need a heavy-duty effect that lasts longer. You would likely find this ingredient in a hyaluronic acid serum.

Sodium acetylated hyaluronate hyaluronic acid

Sodium acetylated hyaluronate is supposed to be the best among all these options. This is because it produces results that last the longest. It is the best option for people who require plenty of moisture, such as people with dry skins. It is also suitable for people who live in areas with a dry climate. The companies that make skincare products also use them a lot in the products for the winters when our skins become drier than normal.

Ingestible hyaluronic acid

Apart from these, you have ingestible hyaluronic acid. This is a capsule that contains the acid as an active ingredient. Scientific research suggests that the basic idea in these cases is that you take the supplement to maintain an efficient and steady level of the acid in your system.

Everything you need to know about using the best serum for ageing skin

You may be keen to buy a hyaluronic acid serum, but before that, you should keep a few things in mind. There are a few factors that you need to check out in these cases, and we may enumerate them as below:

  • Vitamin C and allergens
  • the molecular weight of the product
  • presence of alcohol in the product
  • avoiding products with fragrance
  • presence of water in the product

Presence of allergens and vitamin C

When you are buying hyaluronic acid serum, you must make sure it does not contain any ingredient you are allergic to. These are ones that have caused your skin to be irritated previously. However, if any product contains vitamin C, it is good because the vitamin would combine well with the acid and make it more effective.

Importance of molecular weight

Studies say that it is always better to buy products with lower molecular weight as they can penetrate your skin easily. They are also supposed to be a lot more effective in combating wrinkles. These studies show that the products with lower molecular weight contain concentrated quantities of the key ingredient. This helps in greater elasticity and hydration.

Issues with the presence of alcohol

If a product contains alcohol, it would not be as effective, because alcohol can counter the moisturizing effects of the ingredients. This means that your skin would be dry, and it would thus be susceptible to cracking and breaking.

Issues with fragrance

Health experts say that if you have sensitive skin, avoid hyaluronic acid serum with fragrance as it can cause breakouts or irritation in your skin.

Benefits of water in the product

You may feel water is something that would dilute the potency of your hyaluronic acid serum, but in reality, it makes the acid more effective than it otherwise could have been.