US Gas Prices: Relief in gas prices for California citizens from October. Who will get subsidiary amount?

Gas prices are rising again in the US, but it appears that the citizens of California will receive relief from the continuous rise in the first week of October.

The citizens who shall be eligible will receive the Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR) which is a one-time payment and will be received automatically. The decision to provide citizens with MCTR was taken was the state government to give the people a needed financial boost.

As per the news, the mean gas price in the US for a gallon is 35 cents higher than the price of the previous week. The cost has gone up as high as 6.29 USD at many gas stations.

McKinney Fire in northern California forces residents to evacuate

McKinney Fire in northern California forces residents to evacuate

John Treanor, the spokesperson of the American Automobile Association, gave his statement regarding the matter and spoke that in the current situation of the western part of the country, there are some unplanned and planned maintenance issues with the oil refineries.

The MCTR will be in the run from October 7 to January 2023.

According to the guidelines, single tax filers who get paid 75,000 USD and less will get the stimulus payment of 350 dollars, and families with only one earning individual will get an extra 350 USD.

On the other hand, couples who earn less to equal to 150,000 dollars shall receive a stimulus of 700 dollars.


When will the MCTR come into effect?
The tax refund money will be issued from October 7, 2022.

What was the gas price in the US this week?
The highest recorded gas price was 6.29 dollars.

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