dharma: Something lacking – The Economic Times

Q. Amma, so many people say that in spite of all their material comforts, there’s something lacking in their lives. Why do they feel this way?

A. Life brings various experiences and situations to different people according to their past karma, actions, and the way they live and act in the present.

Whoever you are or whatever material heights you gain, only living and thinking in a dharmic, righteous way will help you attain perfection and happiness in life. If your wealth and desires are not used in accordance with the ultimate dharma, that is the obtaining of moksha, liberation, you will never have peace. You will always have the feeling, ‘I lack something.’ That something you lack is peace, fulfillment and contentment. And this lack of true joy creates a void that cannot possibly be filled by indulging in pleasures or fulfilling material desires.

Dharma and moksha are interdependent. One who lives according to the principles of dharma will attain moksha, and one who has a desire to attain moksha will invariably lead a dharmic life.

The more money you have, the more obsessed you are likely to become with your body. The more you identify with the body, the more egoistic you become. Money is not a problem but unintelligent attachment to it is.