A home DNA test: how does it work?

First of all, it is important to know that a home dna test kit is only used to take DNA samples. The home dna test only consists of taking a buccal sample at home, the rest of the process must be carried out in an approved laboratory. The rest of the process must be carried out in a certified laboratory, because the analyses in question require biological expertise in order to be carried out in the proper manner. In the case of a prenatal paternity test, saliva sampling is not possible, because the DNA of the fetus must be isolated beforehand, by carrying out an analysis on the mother’s blood. This way the two genetic profiles can be compared and the filiation of the child can be proven. Therefore, you must request prenatal dna testing if the child has not yet been born. This cannot be done at home.


Particularities of home DNA testing kits

DNA testing is a very reliable test that will give you a 98% probability of a positive result (inclusion of paternity) and a 0% probability of a negative result (exclusion of paternity). The home DNA test kit includes all the materials needed to perform the test (e.g. cheek swabs and their sterilized packaging, a sterilized container). Complete and understandable instructions are also provided with these test kits.


What can the DNA test kit be used for?

The DNA test kit can be used for different purposes, namely: for a paternity test (in France, this test cannot be done outside of a legal procedure), for a fraternity test, for a Y-chromosome test, for an mtDNA test (also known as a mitochondrial DNA test), for a genetic genealogy test (to determine one’s ethnic origin), and for a test for genetic diseases.


What results can be expected from DNA analysis?

Depending on the initial objectives, the results of the DNA analysis reveal different information: for example, they allow us to know the individuals with whom the applicant shares their genetic profile. It is possible, thanks to a well-filled database, to know the genetic mutations and predisposition to genetic diseases, to know the origin of ancestors, and to determine genetic cousins. The test reveals information on the links between genes and their specificities. The DNA test kit can be received, depending on the laboratory or site, within 2 days of ordering. Once the DNA sample is returned to the lab, it takes 3-5 business days to receive the results via email or post mail.